Brad Ziegler and Dana Eveland Are Not Happy Men (Um, or Women) About Losing

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The Oakland Athletics have had a rough season. People are questioning "Moneyball" and Billy Beane, and despite the falsehood of the claims, they still can't be enjoyable to hear. Especially when the team is performing poorly.

Things got a little worse on Wednesday night, as they lost to the Rangers in their opponent's home finale. Oh, and because a bunch of them had to wear drag. Of course it would appear that rookie Dana Eveland was reasonably casual about the not-so-sexy attire, chatting to reporters while changing into his travel outfit.

"I got into trouble with the home run. ... I gave up some hits on some pitches I thought were pretty good. You can't make a mistake against this team. They can swing the bats," said Eveland, donning a platinum blonde wig and female police officer's outfit.

Ah, the sometimes casual indifference of AP copy. But the rookies are, as you can see above, not a set of attractive women. That's not really surprising. And neither is the fact that they had to wear dresses, really.

Okay, it's a little odd, but it is pretty standard practice in MLB hazing to stick the rookies in drag. Of course, that doesn't make Brad Ziegler look (after the jump) any less like David Spade in a Pippy Longstocking outfit.

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