Phabulous Twins Cole and Chase Born in Philadelphia

Couple names twins after triumphant Phillies

The world's newest Phillies fans arrived just in time to see their team win the World Series.

Cole and Chase Ryan were born Monday in Abington, Pennsylvania, and their names have very special meanings. Parents Renee and Chris Ryan named their newborns after their favorite Phillies; one was named Cole after World Series MVP Cole Hamels, the other named Chase after second baseman Chase Utley. The proud parents point out that since their last name is Ryan, their babies actually share names with three Phillies: Hamels, Utley and First Baseman Ryan Howard.

Maybe someday Chase and Cole will be able to commiserate with Chase Ryan Macauley -- who was born (and named after Utley and Phillie slugger Ryan Howard) on August 8th -- about the burdens of having Phanatics as parents.

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