Arenas's Fiancée Rumored to Be Reason for Shaq's Divorce

Who would blog it if it wasn't true?

A rumored star-studded NBA love triangle that has nothing to do with the Los Angeles Lakers' offense may be the reason for a certain Cleveland Cavaliers center's pending divorce.  If you believe everything you read on the Internet, that is.

Rumors circulating the blogosphere say the Big Aristotle may have Shaqqed up with Gilbert Arenas's fiancée.

Shaunie O'Neal filed for legal separation this week and plans to divorce her husband of seven years, Shaquille, and according to rumors, it's because he cheated with Laura Govan, who is expecting her third child with Arenas next month.

The rumors began circulating the Internet last week. A source told Young, Black and Fabulous that e-mails between the alleged cheaters revealed their secret sexual relationship.

Allegedly, Laura and Shaq have been friends in public…and more than friends in private…for the past 5 years. Supposedly they’ve been flying  to each others' towns and meeting up at different events. They even allegedly spent time together last Christmas when Shaq was still playing in Phoenix. Laura just so happened to be there "visiting her sister."

With a bun in Govan's oven, this is classic soap opera stuff. Who's your daddy?

It will be interesting to see how Agent Zero and the Shaqtus behave toward each other next Wednesday when the Cavs will be in town to take on the Wizards. Maybe more interesting to learn where Govan sleeps that night.

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