Rhee Not Afraid To Talk About Fenty's Kids

Chancellor says Fenty followed protocol

Mayor Adrian Fenty reminded everyone Thursday that he wasn't going to talk about his kids in response to repeated questions about his sons' enrollment in a sought-after elementary school.

But that doesn't mean DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee won't talk about them.

Rhee appeared on WTOP Radio Friday and said that all protocols were followed when the Fentys enrolled their twin sons in out-of-boundary Lafayette Elementary.

"I can assure you that no rules were broken," Rhee said. "We have a number of provisions that allow kids to go to out-of-boundary schools and all of those things were followed."

She said the mayor "joined the ranks of about half of the parents in DCPS who don't send their kids to in-boundary schools" by enrolling his sons at sought-after Lafayette.

Rhee would not say how many people were still on the waiting list for the fourth-grade class at Lafayette. She said she didn't have that number in front of her. Instead, she reiterated her previous statement: the Fentys followed the rules.

"There are various protocols through which families can get their kids into out-of-boundary schools, and all those protocols were followed," she said.

That was much more than Fenty would say on the subject Thursday, after he was confronted by three reporters. Fenty repeatedly said he would not talk about his kids, even though the reporters insisted that their questions were about the process and not his children.

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