Obama Visits Richmond in Tour of Battleground States

President Barack Obama's two-day barnstorming blitz to six battleground states had already taken a toll on his voice when he made stop five in Richmond, Va., Thursday afternoon.

"You may notice my voice sounds a little hoarse," he told the crowd. "We are right in the middle of our 48-hour fly-around extravaganza."

About 15,000 supporters waited for hours at Byrd Park, one of the biggest crowds in Virginia this campaign season. Unlike the president's rally last week in Fairfax when he coined the phrase "Romnesia," his speech Thursday contained no new material except for an acknowledgement that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had just endorsed him.

Thursday's Virginia visit was focused on urging supporters to help turn out voters Election Day. The president held up a printed copy of his plan for a second term, saying, "Take a look at this plan. Compare it to what [Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt] Romney's plans are. See which plan you think is better for you."

Supporter and campaign volunteer Tia Lanon said the rally left her energized in spite of two new polls that showed Romney edging ahead in Virginia.

"I have absolute faith in my president and all we can do is continue to canvas and help him get those votes 12 days from now," she said.

President Obama comes to Prince William County in northern Virginia Monday with former President Bill Clinton at his side. GOP nominee Romney has a rally scheduled for Prince William's Battlefield High School on Sunday.

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