The Scott Brothers Can't Stop the Remakes

Yesterday, it was revealed that Ridley Scott was planning on revisiting his seminal sci-fi classic "Blade Runner" despite all the evidence that such an endeavor would be pure folly. But, hey, maybe Ridley just envies George Lucas and wants to spend his twilight years stomping on everything that made him great.

Well, now comes word that Ridley's brother, Tony ("Top Gun," "True Romance," "Unstoppable"), wants to one-up Sam Peckinpah and do a remake of "The Wild Bunch." 

The original "Wild Bunch," of course, is a 1969 western classic starring William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Ryan, Edmond O'Brien, Warren Oates, and Ben Johnson that was shocking at the time for its bloody violence (of course, it looks quaint these days, thanks to our Bruckheimer-numbed souls).

No casting has been discussed (although "L.A. Confidential" writer Brian Helgeland is penning the screenplay, so it has that going for it), and Scott is also eying an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's "Hell's Angels," with rumors that he'd like Jeff Bridges to play real-life Angels founder Sonny Barger.

Scott isn't done there. He's floated the possibility that he'd return to do a "Top Gun" follow-up, and he's been attached to a remake of "The Warriors" for so long that it's almost time for someone to pitch a reboot of his reboot idea.

We'll see...

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