Seth Rogen Headed Straight Into the Olympic Madness

Seth Rogen is hardly the image that comes to mind when you mention the words "Winter Olympics," but he and his crew will be hitting Vancouver during the games in a quest for movie-making gold.

Rogen will produce and star in "I'm With Cancer" in his native stomping grounds at just about the same time the world will be descending on his fair city to do things like watch figure skating and curling.

The mad logistics of this plan are not lost on one of the "I'm with Cancer" stars. "We're going to be the only movie filming in Vancouver during the Olympics," James McAvoy lamented during a press day for "The Last Station." "There is a reason no one else is filming during the Olympics."

The Scottish star added that there were "fabulous" aspects to the idea and said he planned to take full advantage of the shoot to catch some events. Not that the Scots are a particular powerhouse in the winter games, but you get the idea.

The reasons for the movie location are biographical rather than any Olympic subplots (so there is hope we will never have to see Rogen in one of those form-fitting speedskating outfits). The story deals with Rogen's Vancouver life and friend Will Reiser's battle with cancer in his mid-20s.

McAvoy will play Reiser, who wrote the screenplay and is executive producing. Rogen plays himself in the movie and Anna Kendrick plays a young, inexperienced psychologist assigned to help McAvoy's character.

"You wouldn't call it comedy," says McAvoy. "But there are bits of it that are funny. Because Seth's in it, everyone calls it a comedy."

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