Senate Renews Talks Toward Deal After House Scuttles Vote

The Senate is renewing talks on a bipartisan deal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling, Senate leaders said Tuesday night, after House GOP leaders scuttled a planned vote on their own proposed deal after it emerged they didn't have the votes to pass it. Senate leaders said they were optimistic about their prospects to strike a deal before the Thursday deadline for Congress to raise the debt ceiling lest the U.S. risk defaulting on its debts. Earlier Tuesday night, the House vote on its measure was pushed back, not long after the influential conservative group Heritage Action said it opposed the House proposal and would include it on its legislative scorecard. The scuttled vote capped a day of flux for House Republicans, as their Senate brethren hammered out details on a deal of their own. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blasted the House effort as an attempt to "torpedo" the coming bipartisan Senate deal.

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