9-Year-Old Stowaway Had Other Run-Ins with Law: Report

The 9-year-old Minnesota boy discovered on a Delta flight to Las Vegas without a plane ticket may have engaged in other sneaky behavior that captured authorities' attention, according to a report in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. An email from Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department Director Janine Moore that was obtained by the paper said the boy's mother is an employee at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Moore told county officials in the email marked "private data" that staff have carried out four assessments on the boy's family since December, the Star-Tribune reported. According to the email, the boy stole a car weeks before his Vegas flight and was arrested on "Highway 35." He also had alleged his mother had been "stabbed and died" and would go to a waterpark where he “waits until a large family is entering and joins them.” A spokesperson for the county’s Child Protection Services Department would not comment to NBC News about any alleged incidents. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and Child Protective Services took the boy into custody upon his flight's arrival on Thursday.

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