Goats Eat Away Poison Ivy Problem


Poison ivy has invaded the area the Sustainable Food Center uses for their farmer's market in East Austin, Texas.

But rather than dousing it with plant-killing sprays, the SFC found an environmentally friendly -- and perhaps even a tasty -- solution, according to a report by KXAN.

The market has teamed up with nearby Swede Farms to use goats as a solution to the problem. The farm's goats love to eat poison ivy and, according to their owner Leeanne Carlson, the plant is a treat for the animals.

"Things we think of as nuisance plants they love and are very good for them," she said. "It's like coming to a dessert bar where they can make their own ice cream sundaes."

SFC will use other methods to kill off the plant once it's been eaten down. A solution that includes soap and orange oil will eradicate the plant without hurting the environment.

The Sustainable Food Center is the first in Austin to use the goats for clearing. Swede Farm is hoping they aren’t the last.

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