Emma “Easy A” Stone In the Hunt for “Spider-Man” and “21 Jump Street”

Having just enjoyed surprisingly strong reviews and box-office numbers for her teen sex comedy "Easy A," Emma Stone is now in talks to join a couple of more high-profile films.

Stone is a finalist for the upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot to star Andrew Garfield and be directed by Marc Webb, reported Variety. Stone joins Lily Collins ("The Blind Side"), Teresa Palmer ("The Sorcerer's Apprentice") and Mia Wasikowska ("The Kids Are All Right") in the running for two female lead roles.

It's not yet known what the two parts are, but word is that Mary Jane will not be Peter Parker/Spider-Man's main squeeze in this new film, which is a shame because Stone would be perfect as MJ.

As unnecessary as we think it is to reboot a franchise just a few years after the last installment, we have to say we're stoked by the talent Sony is assembling for the new "Spider-Man."

Stone is also in negotiations to star opposite her "Superbad" love interest, Jonah Hill, in the big-screen adaptation "21 Jump Street," the teen cop show that launched Johnny Depp's career (though let's be honest, Richard "Booker" Grieco was doing all the heavy lifting on that show). We're less enthused by this project, but Hill was so good in "Cyrus" and so damn enthusiastic it's hard not to root for him.

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