Woman Recovering from Liver Transplant Adopts Pup

She had dogs before, but had to give up them up when she fell too ill to take care of them

Before a Maryland woman received a new liver three months ago, she spent a lot of days in the hospital.

Jessica Gallogly was so sick that she could no longer take care of the two dogs she'd had for two years. Eventually, she put them up for adoption.

"Both of my dogs that I had to give up were [my kids'] birthday present a couple years ago," she said.

Even though she normally got her dogs from breeders, Jessica started to believe in animal shelters after her pets found a home.

Once she started to recover from her liver transplant, her daughter Madison knew it was time to convince her to get a new pet.

"Since she just got a liver transplant and she's starting to feel better I've been like, 'Please, please, please!' And just annoying her to death," Madison said.

Then there was a sign: Jessica was watching the news like she did every morning when she noticed the Clear the Shelters event. She went online to find a participating shelter nearby, and as soon as she clicked on Eva's face, News4's Sheena Parveen appeared near Eva's stall.

Then, she woke up her daughter and told her they were going to head to the Humane Rescue Alliance on Oglethorpe Street to get a dog.

"It was the fastest she got up, ever," Gallogly laughed.

With Eva joining the family, Gallogly's son Brady is even more outnumbered by ladies in the house. 

"I wanted a girl," Madison said. "I don't really like the boys that much."

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