Woman Attacked in Apartment Fitness Center

Police: Victim was watched while working out alone

Residents at one Fairfax County apartment complex are on edge after a man reportedly attacked a woman inside the building's fitness center.
Police say the 23-year-old victim was working out alone in the gym at the East Meadow Apartments in Chantilly around 8:30 p.m. on Monday. A masked assailant had apparently been watching her.
"[The suspect] followed her into the ladies' locker room and attempted to assault her," said Fairfax County Police Officer Raymond Roberts.
The woman told police she fought the man off, and he ran away. She contacted police when she got back inside her apartment.
East Meadow neighbors say they're concerned because only residents with a special key can access the fitness center.
One man said this incident comes on the heels of reports of a peeping tom lurking around the complex. He was eventually warded off by vigilant neighbors.
"We would purposely come out and watch," said East Meadows resident Eugene Brown. "He walked his dog, and waited until no one was looking, then he would look inside the window."
No connections have been made between the peeping tom incidents and the fitness center assault. The suspect in the assault is described as a 5'11" man with a slender build, between 18 and 20 years old.
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