Virginia library director resigns amid battle to ban books

A Virginia library director resigned amid a battle to ban certain books.

Michelle Ross notified the Samuels Public Library Board in Warren County that she is stepping aside. She and her staff have been the targets of harsh criticism and strong support in recent months.

Some community members have been calling for removal of more than 100 books with sexually explicit content, especially in sections of the library geared to young adult readers. A group called “Save Samuels” was formed to counter the criticism.

Ross recently told News4 about a new compromise plan to set up library cards called “juvenile limited” and “young adult limited” giving parents the ability to restrict their children’s access to certain areas of the library.

The county board recently voted to hold back some library funding. 

Supporters of Ross call her resignation quote “an enormous loss.”

The library board named Director of Operations Eileen Grady the interim director.


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