Family Accuses Uber Driver of Raping Teen Daughter

D.C. police are investigating a sexual assault allegation in Cleveland Park, and according to a neighborhood listserv, the attacker was an Uber car service driver.

According to the listserv, a teenage girl was returning home after a late night. The Uber driver pulled into her driveway and after she got out, he waved her back and she complied. That’s when he allegedly struck her on the head and raped her.

The family has a surveillance camera that shows the driver carrying the girl back to the house, according to the listserv.

D.C. police would only confirm they’re investigating a sex assault that occurred in the 3200 block of 36th Street NW about 3:30 a.m. Dec. 9.

“We are investigating a sexual assault that occurred in the Cleveland Park neighborhood this past weekend,” the police statement reads. “At this time, we are unable to provide further details regarding the case or any information regarding the suspect.”

Uber D.C. General Manager Rachel Holt said the company is working with police.

“While there are not many details available, we take these matters extremely seriously,” read a statement from Holt. “Uber is working closely with the authorities to help in any way possible. We cannot comment on an ongoing criminal matter, but it is our policy to deactivate the driver account of someone if we receive information that they have been suspected of committing a crime. The safety of our users is absolutely paramount, and we will continue to be vigilant that riders’ safety and security are protected.”

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