Stranger Hacks Into Ohio Couple's Baby Monitor

An Ohio couple says they feel "violated" after a man hacked into their wireless baby monitor and tried to wake up thier sleeping baby.

Heather and Adam Schreck told Fox 19 the stranger yelled at their 10-month-old Emma in attempt to wake the child up. When Adam ran into the room, camera turned from his daughter and pointed directly at him.

The Schrecks unplugged the camera right away.

And while news of hackers breaching baby monitors is not new, the frightening experience is prompting security concerns.

But there are several things you can do to protect your wireless network and your child.

First, register your product. Registering your product will keep you in the loop whenever there's a firmware update, reports. Customers are also encouraged to turn on their firewall, which will provide a first line of defense against hackers.

Once your system is up and running, IT  experts say you should change your WIFI passwords routinely, in addition to changing the password for your baby's camera.

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