Special Honor for Fallen Police Officer's Son

Rookie officers give to fallen officer's son

The surviving son of a United States Park Police officer was given a special honor on Thursday by a group of rookie officers.
Eric Robinson, 11, was presented with the class guidon by 18 Park Police rookies who had just completed their last run during training.
Robinson's father was killed by a drunken driver while working an accident along the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in August 2002.
When the rookie officers finished their run, Eric Robinson was presented the guidon and took pictures with the men and women who will soon be officers with Park Police. Several command officers, including the United States Park Police chief, also took part in the ceremony to remember the fallen officer.
"I really think its a special occasion, and once in a life time opportunity", said Eric Robinson, who was shy about talking to the media after the event.
The 18 rookie officers will graduate on Friday.
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