Sloth Bear Cub, Seal Pup Get Names at National Zoo

A sloth bear cub and a seal pup at the National Zoo are now known as more than just "a sloth bear cub" and "a seal pup." The two babies have recently been named Remi and Rona by their keepers, the zoo announced Thursday.

The sloth bear cub -- who's being hand-raised by keepers after her mother ate her siblings -- will be known as Remi for her sleeping habits.

Explains the zoo: "The name is derived from the rapid eye movement cycle of sleep (REM). When she was very young the cub slept with her eyes slightly opened, and keepers have spent many nights ensuring she sleeps soundly."

As for the seal pup, American Trail keepers chose her name because the isle of Rona is described as a beautiful, remote island with only one human resident, but plenty of gray and common seals.

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