Silly Baseball Ticket Stand-Off Ends

Tickets delivered to Chairman Vincent Gray

News4 has learned that DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has finally relented and stopped hogging the city's seat to Nationals baseball games - turning over to the council its share of dozens of tickets to about 60 remaining home games this season.

The tickets were delivered to Chairman Vincent Gray Saturday evening.

Details on why Fenty relented were not immediately available.

For months Fenty had refused to share the tickets with the council, and refused to even discuss it with council members or the media. The Washington Post editorial page ridiculed Fenty's odd stance as "infantile" and "petty."

Council members insisted the tickets were not just a perk for themselves, complaining that most tickets were given away to youth groups, senior citizens and others who could not afford to go.

In a press release, council chairman Gray said the ticket situation was "an unfortunate distraction from the real and important work of the government" and that he will work on a permanent solution to avoid repeating this controversy again.

One source familiar with the controversy told NBC4:  "Thank goodness this is over. It was embarassing for everybody involved."

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