Shopping Around for School Supplies Pays Off

Back to school shopping is estimated to cost just under $100 per student every year, so News4's Consumer Unit took to the stores to find you the best deals.

News4's Liz Crenshaw came up with a list of school supplies for a typical an elementary school student. She took the list to Target, Office Depot and CVS to see if there's money to be saved.

Each store had an identical box of Crayola colored pencils. They cost $1.24 at Target, $1.59 at Office Depot, and $4.39 at CVS. So, the price was three times what we paid at Target for the same pencils at CVS.

A couple of special deals were spotted, including a promotion for an item costing just a penny.

Lesson to be learned again this year: shopping around is worth the time and trouble.

You can see Liz’s full report on-air on News4 at 5 on Thursday.

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