Rage Room of Maryland Offers Smashing Way to Release Stress

For those who find destruction helps release anger, a new business in Maryland offers a safe space to smash your stress away.

Rage Room of Maryland in Glen Burnie is a place where you can let loose and get physical.

“You break plates, cups, all the way up to printers,” owner Jason Tillman said. “And you'll use a bat, sledgehammer, crowbar.”

It's all about having fun, Tillman said.

“Come in, throw some stuff, do something you wouldn’t be able to do in your own home or in public, and just kind of have fun doing it,” he said.

He provides the protective gear — protective mask, coveralls and gloves — and the goods to smash.

Or, you can BYOB.


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“Bring your own breakables,” he said.

Tillman said he's seen a lot of photos and mementos from past relationships destroyed in the Rage Room.

“They just want to get rid of some things, just want to send it away,” he said.

Tavia Merritt shared video of her joyously swinging baseball bats at things like wine bottles and bases.

“When you are really upset and angry, you get a flood of emotions, you get a flood of adrenaline, and that’s why people feel this need to maybe punch holes in walls, break things,” psychiatrist Dr. Joshua Weiner said. “So now, obviously, it’s a more contained version of that, but any way you can release that energy has a beneficial effect.”

Smashing stuff is OK in moderation, he said.

“Now if you go and you do it and you feel like it does relax you, OK, that’s fine, I don’t really have an objection to it,” Weiner said. “If you’re so angry that you feel like you need to go rage on a regular basis in order to be able to function, it’s time to seek some more help.”

Tillman said they monitor every session to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

“If someone is going a little too aggressively we’ll, stop and let them know that this is not that type of space,” he said. “This is a fun space. Fortunately, we’ve never had to do that.”

Tillman said he sees the opposite: People letting loose and having fun.

“They’re tired, they’re a little sweaty and they’re relieved,” he said. “They’re always walking out with a smile. Always.”

Tillman said 60 percent of his customers are women, and the date night package is the most popular.

The 15-minute sessions start at $10 for BYOB. You can make an appointment here.

Reported by Susan Hogan, produced by Meredith Royster and edited by Perkins Broussard.

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