Dogs Attacking Deer at Great Falls

One deer put down after attack, another likely dead

Two dogs have attacked at least three deer at Great Falls in the past week, according to rangers at the C&O Canal National Historical Park. At least one deer was killed as a result of these attacks.

Park staff chased the pair of off-leash dogs away from a deer near the entrance road to Great Falls on Dec. 2.

Then on Friday, one of the dogs -- a Scottie mix -- was caught and given to Montgomery County Animal Control after the pair chased a deer into a stream. That deer was later put down because of its injuries.

About an hour later, the other dog, a 40-50 pound Airedale terrier with a pink collar, was seen chasing another deer into the flooded Potomac River about 100 yards upstream from the falls. Park rangers don't believe that that deer survived the floodwaters, though they do not know for sure.

Dogs must be on a leash measuring  at most six feet long and must be under control of an owner while in the park.

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