Overnight Intruder Stuck in Restaurant Ventilation

A man trying to break in to a Maryland restaurant overnight got stuck in a ventilation duct, Prince George’s County Fire and EMS reported.

When Rabietou Mamah opened Jerry’s Subs and Pizza on Fort Meade Road in Laurel Thursday morning, she found feet hanging from the ceiling, Pat Collins reported. She can hardly help laughing about the sight.

Fire and EMS reached the scene at about 9:30 a.m. Firefighters and medics found a man hanging out of the duct work with his feet dangling above the stove, according to Mark Brady, of Prince George’s County Fire and EMS.

A man allegedly tried to force his way into the restaurant through a backdoor and then decided to enter through a roof hatch and shimmy down the cooking ventilation duct work. But he got stuck at the stove hood. And stayed stuck for about eight hours.

“The gentleman got himself into a bad situation and there was no way out,” Brady said. “So, what are you gonna do when they come for you?”

The man complained of difficulty breathing, so paramedics dropped an oxygen mask to him from the roof.

Technical Rescue Services was called in to assist with the rescue, and 25 firefighters and medics spent about 40 minutes freeing him by cutting away part of the hood.

The man, who was about 30 years old, told authorities he wasn’t trying to steal, just looking for a place to rest, Collins reported. He was taken to an area hospital for further evaluation.

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