Washington DC

Off-Duty Prince George's Co. EMT Saves Woman in DC

When a woman went into cardiac arrest while riding her bike in D.C., an off-duty Prince George's County EMT came to her rescue. 

Victoria Wolf has been riding a bike to work downtown for more than four years. Several months ago while riding from Union Station to her office, Wolf blacked out.

“I don’t remember the train ride. I don’t remember leaving the train and going to Union Station to get to the bike,” said Wolf. “I don’t remember any of that.”

She went into cardiac arrest, falling off the bike in the middle of rush hour traffic and being saved by a complete stranger.

That stranger who jumped from her car to perform lifesaving CPR was Tawanda Murphy-Watkins, a volunteer EMT with the Prince George’s County Fire Department.

“I just feel so blessed, because I was at the right place at the right time,” said Murphy-Watkins.

On Wednesday, Wolf got the chance to thank the D.C. firefighters who showed up to help by presenting all of her heroes with a CPR lifesaving coin.

Wolf said she’s happy to be alive, especially now that the Capitals are in the Stanley Cup Finals.

“In addition to being alive, the Washington Capitals are just making my year.” she said. 

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