No Budget for Montgomery County High School Repairs, Replacement

A Montgomery County, Maryland, high school will not be replaced or renovated after the county Board of Education voted to accept a budget with no money for the school.

Poolesville High School is more than 60 years old and in need of repairs or replacement. Angela Wang, a student at the school, said there are serious safety hazards in the building.

School board member Patricia O’Neill said school replacements are based on factors like repairs and overcrowding.

“We just approved a $1.83 billion, 6 year capital budget,” O’Neill said. “It doesn’t cover everything. We know we have aging schools and crumbling infrastructure, and we grew by 2,900 students this year.”

She said the board will re-evaluate school repairs after the winter. A group of residents, Protect Our Poolesville, hope the superintendent will change the budget to make sure Poolesville gets a new high school.

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