Next Metro Fail: Door Opens on Moving Train

Doors opening ... at the wrong time

Here we go again.

Just when you thought it was safe to ride Metro again, another disturbing incident is reported.

At least this time it doesn't involve a Metro employee sleeping, reading, texting, talking on a cell phone or even kidnapping someone.

A door on a moving Orange Line train apparently opened during Monday's rush hour, according to the Washington Post.

Metro confirmed that a rider informed the train operator that a single door opened while the train was moving between Federal Center SW and L'Enfant Plaza.

A passenger, who requested anonymity because he is restricted from speaking to the media in his job as a House aide, said that the left panel in the middle door of a middle car came open and that the door closed as soon as the operator hit the brakes. ... The door that opened was on the opposite side from where the doors opened at the next station, the passenger said.

No injuries were reported and the train was taken out of service. An investigation is under way, of course, because that's what Metro does best.

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