New Metro Signage Confuses Riders

Some Metro riders are complaining new signage installed in stations for the Silver Line shows incorrect transfer points.

A sign appears to show Federal Center SW as a transfer point to the Green and Yellow lines when in fact the transfer point is L’Enfant Plaza. L’Enfant is the eighth station name on the sign, but the eighth dot lines up with Federal Center SW.

At one end of the line, Rosslyn does not appear to line up with any dot at all.

"While we are aware of feedback from riders regarding the alignment of the station names and may consider possible steps to address the concern, the primary purpose of the signs is to give riders an assurance that they are on the correct platform and to show the relative order of stations,” read a statement from Metro. “In that regard, the signs serve their purpose."

Earlier this year News4 told the transit agency about other incorrect signs at Metro Center. Those signs were promptly removed.

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