Md. Comptroller Publicly Shames Tax Delinquents

Also blames them for making children illiterate

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot sure knows how to play the guilt card with tax delinquents. And he needs to, because there really isn't much money at all sitting around the Maryland state treasury, looking for somewhere to be spent.

Franchot announced a new state website called "Caught In The Web" that lists the names, addresses and tax balances of the state's worst delinquents, who owe approximately $6 million total.

But more devastating was how Franchot announced his new comedy website.

Franchot announced the move at Sligo Creek Elementary School in Silver Spring, where he says much needed renovations have been stalled -- in part because people don't pay their taxes.

Principal Diantha Swift says kids at Sligo Creek understand basic citizenship, like paying taxes.

"We respect each other, we respect property and we respect ourselves every single day."

And she says kids get the point.

Ouch. Boo those scofflaws! THESE KIDS CAN'T LEARN BECAUSE OF YOU BUMS! Tar and feather! Let's pick a random name from the list, for harassment.

#2: Leon Clements, 15909 Jerald Rd., Laurel, MD 20707-2642; Liability: $397,787.37

BOO LEON CLEMENTS of LAUREL! Why do you hate schools and education, Leon Clements? Why do you hate children? Why do you want children to be illiterate forever?

(This is the reaction Peter Franchot is hoping for, essentially.)

Jim Newell writes for Wonkette and IvyGate.

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