Mayor Muriel Bowser Discusses Metro Safety, Donald Trump, Death With Dignity

News4’s Tom Sherwood sat down with Mayor Muriel Bowser on WTOP radio Tuesday to discuss upcoming and debated issues. They covered death with dignity, Metro crime and Donald Trump, among other things. Here are the highlights:


Bowser said Metro needs to appoint a bold new general manager quickly in order to crack down on safety issues that have plagued the system over the past several months. She said crime has spiked recently, but the Metro system is typically safe.

"We want to send the message loud and clear that any harm, anyone intending to do harm to Metro staff, to Metro passengers is going to be dealt with immediately and with a strong response," Bowser said.

"While we had a pretty extraordinary, heinous crime committed on our Metro, it is extraordinary. We have a generally very safe system," Bowser said.

"The big thing is that you have to have someone coming in there with bold vision," Bowser said of the search for new Metro leadership.


Bowser struggled to answer questions regarding a hotly debated topic, legally sanctioned suicides.The measure, now in front of the D.C. Council, would allow a terminally ill person to end his or her own life under certain circumstances. Bowser said she hopes Council will take its time with the forthcoming decision.

"There is the Mayor Muriel Bowser thoughts and there is Muriel Bowser the person," Bowser said.

"Personally, I’m uncomfortable with it, but also personally, I think to myself if I was in that situation, what would I like to be at my disposal?" Bowser said.


Bowser called Trump’s inflammatory statements on immigration "idiotic." But she said the hotel he’s building in D.C. is vital to the economy. She doesn’t care who owns the property, but she would like for the project to move forward. Bowser said she would like for Trump to apologize, though.

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