Maryland School Districts Make Plans to Make Up for Snow Days

UPDATE: Montgomery County Public Schools will only have to make up two days of school after the state board of education approved their plan to hold clases April 21 and June 13.

School districts in Maryland continue to make plans for making up snow days this winter.

Charles County Public Schools announced it’s giving up two days of spring break, April 14 and 15.

After Frederick County canceled three days of its spring break, the Maryland State Board of Education granted the county's request for a two-day snow waiver, meaning classes there will end June 11 as originally planned.

Montgomery County’s waiver request was denied. The school district provided for four snow days but used 10.

“Well, I think the state superintendent indicated she wanted to see us make up more instructional time, so if we resubmit, we'll have to meet that in order for it to be accepted,” said Dana Tofig of Montgomery County Public Schools.

Montgomery County had planned that its last day would be June 12 but now says students will be in class June 13 and could be required to attend classes into the next week, possibly until June 19.

"I don’t have a job yet but I'm trying to get one over the summer,” high school junior Isaiah Lyons. “It would affect me because I won't have a lot of time, and a lot of college students will be back and they might all the jobs."

"Definitely we will be adding at least one day to the end of the school year, and then we'll have to see are we going to add more days to the end of school year or will we find time during the school year to make up those days," Tofig said.

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