Hog Wild: Maryland Woman Says Pigs Are Invading Her Yard Every Day

A horde of hogs isn't something you see every day — except for one Maryland woman who says she's been waking up to the sight of wild pigs in her yard.

Charles County resident Angela Parker says the hogs come to her front yard every morning, munch on her grass and leave behind some undesirable fertilizer.

"There's pig poop around. There's a significant amount of that, I've noticed," Parker said.

The hogs seem to have a strict schedule, showing up early and departing at noon each day.

"I have never seen anything like this in my life. I'm like, this sh-- can only happen to me," Parker said jokingly.

Parker has a fence around her vegetable garden, but she says it would cost thousands to install a fence around her entire yard.

She said she worries about the hogs possibly attacking her dog Tiffany — or her.

"If I had young children that had to stand up at the bus stop in a couple of weeks early in the morning, I think I’d be concerned," Parker said.

She's not the only one to spot the hogs. A neighbor saw them crossing the road in Indian Head in June. They were also seen on Chapman's Landing Road.

Parker said she's worried the hogs will continue to breed, which might force her to move.

"You know, you have your disclosure laws. You have to say we’re moving because the pig population is so bad here. You have to tell potential buyers that and they’re just gonna run in the other direction," she said.

News4 has reached out to Charles County Animal Control for comment.

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