Va. Halloween Light Show Heads ‘Downtown'

They're at it again! A Leesburg, Virginia, man is putting on a spectacular Halloween light show, but this year, the home's lip-syncing monsters are jamming to Macklemore's "Downtown." 

Just grab your keys and head to 1816 Woods Edge Drive to catch the "Edwards Landing Lights" show. 

Decorated with over 8,500 lights, the house light show is produced by over 2,500 channels of computer animation. The music does not broadcast from the house, but viewers can “hear the lights” by tuning their radios to 98.1FM.

Two years ago, a YouTube video of the light show gained over 7 million views. This is the fifth year Brandon Bullis has put on a Halloween light show, according to The Today Show.

According to the Bullis’ Youtube account, producing the light show is a personal hobby and is not business-affiliated. The electric bill for the display ranges from $25-35 during Halloween season because they used energy efficient LEDs.

The show runs on a continuous loop from 7-9 p.m. through Halloween. 

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