Georgetown University Hit by Cyberattack; Data Safe

Georgetown University confirms it fell victim to a cyberattack last week, but the school said hackers were not able to get any university data, including student records.

An email sent to the school community said the outage from the attack was a result of the firewall closing the network in order to protect the system and data. They said the issue was separate from computer problems at MedStar, a clinic partner with Georgetown.

School information service technicians and outside consultants have tested the platforms and reviewed the infrastructure to make sure the system is still secure.

“All institutions are regularly targeted by cyberattacks, and Georgetown is no exception,” the email said. We take these issues very seriously and are working to ensure our technology systems are as safe and strong as they can be.“

The email urged community members to be mindful about opening email attachments or clicking on links sent by strangers.

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