Geek Chic Fashion Show Celebrates Diversity in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The Geek Chic Fashion Show will promote talented female cosplayers.

What’s cooler than a female superhero or anime heroine? One that’s come to life.

The Geek Chic Fashion Show Saturday will feature women taking on the persona of their favorite fantasy, sci-fi and video game characters -- but it’s about more than just dress-up.

The show is being held at St. Stephen’s Church from 7 p.m. through 10 p.m. and was organized by Holli Mintzer. Mintzer said that the show will celebrate the talent and artistry that goes into creating elaborate costumes that reflect characters in fiction, a pastime known as cosplay.

"There's a lot of skill that goes into making costumes from all kinds of sources," Mintzer, who works at PollySue's Vintage store, said. The store will provide some outfits for some of the models, especially those who might delve into vintage and steam-punk outfits.

But a portion of proceeds from the event will benefit Con or Bust, a nonprofit that helps people of color to attend science-fiction and fantasy conventions around the country. Mintzer decided to organize the fashion show to support Con or Bust because she noted a lack of diversity at these events.

"I attended a lot of conventions and noticed it was mostly white dudes," she said. "So I like what Con or Bust are trying to do."

Tickets to the event cost $5 and will be available on the door.

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