Boy Rescued After Hand Gets Trapped in Escalator

Officials worked for approximately two hours to free a 6-year-old boy whose hand got caught in an escalator in Temple Hills, Md., Thursday night.

Crews responded to Burlington Coat Factory inside Iverson Mall on Branch Avenue around 8:40 p.m. for an extrication. 

"He was holding on to the rail which is what I always told him when he's going down an escalator, and I guess he held on too long," his mom Stephanie Poyner said.

Prince George's County Fire Department PIO Mark Brady described the process as "challenging and tedious."

Firefighters managed to extract Jarren Poyner's hand just before 11 p.m. He was back home the next day, and told News4 he was not scared the entire time his hand was stuck.

Jarren did not lose any fingers at the scene. 

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