Beagle Breakout: Pup Caught on Video Scaling Shelter Cage

Buttermilk has a lot of fans, but they won't be able to take her home — she was adopted before the video went viral

A video of a beagle at a Virginia animal shelter scaling her cage in an escape attempt has generated calls of interest from across the country. 

The Isle of Wight County Animal Shelter posted a Facebook video of the escape attempt Tuesday, generating more than 98,000 views. It shows Buttermilk gingerly climbing a 4-foot cage's wall before perching atop it. 

The shelter often rescues hunting dogs, particularly after the season. Emily Glickman, a caretaker at the shelter in Windsor, says Buttermilk was rescued three weeks ago. 

But if you're interested in taking Buttermilk home, you're too late. 

Glickman says Buttermilk's new owner plans to take her home Friday. 

The adopter claimed her long before the video went viral. 

The shelter's animals are often named after food brought in by volunteers. In Buttermilk's case, it was pancakes.

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