Assateague: Home to Ponies and Rubber

Maybe burying 2,000 tires in the sea wasn't a good idea after all

Sometimes natures just makes you want to give up. 

Upwards of 2,000 tires have washed up on the shores of Assateague National Seashore, which straddles Maryland and Virginia.  Last week's Tropical Storm ripped the beach apart, spraying sand, ripping up trees, and burying parking lots, reports the AP.

But the tires are something else.  They were sunk in the ocean in an attempt to build a natural reef for sea creatures, but the powerful waves, which completely overran large parts of the island, uprooted them, leading to this week's Sisyphus act.

The park is looking for "strapping folks" who are willing to volunteer their time to help move the 2,000 or so tires littering the beach and island.  The anemones and starfish who were benefiting from the tire's placement are being lazy and refuse to help -- stupid selfish anemones.

Assateague's pony population is reportedly OK.  Being the smart fuzzy creatures they are, they sought higher ground.  They, like their aquatic pals, aren't helping with the clean-up either. 

The lesson to take from all this?  Stop helping nature.  They're not going to appreciate your efforts of help you offer them.  All they want is a hand out, not a hand up.  Next time, maybe Ocean City will decide to bury its rubbery trash in a different location.  That'll show those greedy jerks.

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