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Husband Blames Viola Drath’s Death on Iran “Hit”

Defendant to act as his own lawyer in wife's death



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    Albrecht Muth

    A German-born man charged in the slaying of his much-older wife will represent himself at trial.

    Albrecht Muth fired his attorneys during a hearing Friday, and a judge allowed him to serve as his own lawyer.

    The 47-year-old Muth is charged in the beating and strangulation of his 91-year-old wife, Viola Drath, a German-born socialite and journalist, at their home in Georgetown. He has denied guilt and initially claimed his wife died of a head injury from a fall.

    Muth told the judge Friday that he believes his wife's death was a “hit” ordered by Iranian agents.

    Muth claims to be a general in the Iraqi army and has asked to wear his military uniform to trial. Neighbors said he was known as Col. Mustard as he was often seen wearing the uniform around the neighborhood, News4’s Pat Collins reported.

    Prosecutors say Muth is fabricating his military experience. He wore an orange jumpsuit in court Friday.

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