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Iranian Protestors Continue Hunger Strike



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    Protestors want to see democracy in Iran.

    Activists continued their hunger strike across from the White House Sunday afternoon in protest of violence against Iranian rebels at a camp in Iraq.

    The group is demanding that the United States protect disarmed rebels at Camp Ashraf against Iraqi authorities who continue to assert control over them and their families, organizers said.

    "We will continue as long as necessary until we get guarantees from the Obama administration to protect the Iranians in Camp Ashraf," said Shirin Nariman, an Iranian-American activist in Washington. "The news is not good.”

    Protesters claimed Iraqi authorities killed nine Iranians in the camp but reports from Iraq confirmed seven deaths, according to the Washington Times.

    The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the senior Republican on the panel called on the Iraqi government to honor a commitment it made to U.S. forces to guarantee the safety of the 3,500 residents of Camp Ashraf and promise not to force them to return to Iran, where many of them fear they would be executed, according to the paper.

    Activists plan to hold a press conference about family members currently living in the camp Monday afternoon outside the White House. 

    Later that evening they will hold a candlelight vigil for residents of Ashrah who were killed.