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Found Hound Reunited With Family

Basset hound rescued on I-95 goes home



    Cupcake the basset hound puppy is reunited with her family. (Published Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011)

    She was a mystery, a basset hound puppy wandering along busy  Interstate 95 near Dale City, Va., Tuesday.

    Jaime Lopez came face-to-face with her on the highway. He screeched on his brakes, scooped up the pup and took her to the safety of Dog Rescue World.  She wasn’t wearing a collar. No one knew where she came from.

    NBC Washington’s Pat Collins took her for a walk and reported her situation Tuesday. He called her “Doggy Doe.” That story was the lifeline to get her back to her human family. 

    Now we know her name. Cupcake's the sweet pup belonging to Georgette and Roderick, who live in Dumfries with their three little girls.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    The saga goes like this:

    The 9-month-old puppy slipped out of her collar on Monday. She escaped from the family's backyard. While she was out happily exploring the big, wide world, her family was frantically searching for her. Their 9-month-old puppy had won their hearts.

    Then Collins's story ran on the evening news. 

    “People called and said, ‘Cupcake is on TV,'" Georgette said. 

    That led them to Dog World Rescue, which took Cupcake in and cared for her. Breahkie Gardizi, a volunteer, said it’s a miracle Cupcake wasn’t hit by a car. She said the frightened hound was calmed by Baxter, another rescued dog -- a mellow 2-year-old Jack Russell terrier who is blind from being run over.

    Cupcake is home. Her family is very happy that Jaime Lopez took her into his car on I-95. And then after that, all the way down the line, she was fed and taken care of until she got back home.

    Baxter is looking for a home, though.  If you want to give Cupcake’s new friend a loving home contact