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Watch That Dinghy in Annapolis



    Watch That Dinghy in Annapolis

    Authorities in Annapolis are warning of a risk for stolen dinghies.

    A couple who live in New Zealand and arrived in Annapolis last week reported a theft of their 10-foot Apex dinghy on Tuesday from a spot along Weems Creek. Another dinghy was reported stolen from
    the same spot the following day.

    Annapolis Harbormaster Flip Walters tells The Capital newspaper in Annapolis that the Coast Guard has reported an increase in shoreline thefts because of a growing market for stolen metal

    On Wednesday, another couple aboard their dinghy began trailing a boat after believing the man at the helm was acting suspiciously. They say the man tried to take the dinghy into a marina, beached the boat and fled. The dinghy was secured and returned to its owner.