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Embalming Fluid Spilled in Rt. 70 Crash



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    Embalming fluid and other dangerous liquids slicked Route 70 Tuesday morning after a tractor trailer crash.

    The driver of the truck received only minor injuries in the crash.  The incident happened in the early morning hours on an icy stretch of the Maryland's Rt. 70.

    The tractor trailer lost traction and jack-knifed out of control, and then flipped over on its side.

    Embalming fluid, wood preservative, and refrigerants were all part of the truck's cargo. As the trailer overturned, 50-gallon-drums containing the hazardous materials slipped off the back and spiled onto the roadway. 

    Hazmat scenes were called to the scene and Rt. 70 was closed for hours during the cleanup.  Morning commute traffic was diverted onto Route 144.

    Troopers from the Westminster barracks of the Maryland State Police are leading the investigation.

    According to the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Department, the stretch of road is dangerous even under normal conditions.  A propane truck flipped on this same downhill section last week.