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Arrested For Impersonating an Officer



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    A man accused of pretending to be a cop got a ride in the back of a police car.

    The Stafford County Sheriff's Office said that on Saturday, March 7, they received a report of a man that had been flashing a gun and a badge around the Foxwood Village subdivision.

    A witness said they encountered a slow moving vehicle while driving through the neighborhood.  The witness drove around the car and went home, and was followed by the slow moving car.  Police said that the man behind the wheel,  Craig McSween, 38, of Stafford, drove his car slowly by the home of the Foxwood Village resident, and while doing so, displayed a law enforcement badge.

    McSween left the scene, but then came back a short time later, getting out of his vehicle.  He approached the resident, and pulled up his shirt to reveal a handgun. McSween told the resident that he was a federal agent, and that the resident had been driving erratically.  When the witness asked to see some credentials, McSween fled.

    After the witness called the police, a Stafford Deputy arrived on the scene. The Deputy was able to find McSween in his car quickly, and placed him under arrest.  Several more law enforcement badges were found in his vehicle, as well as red and white lights on the dashboard, a tactical vest, and two handguns.

    McSween was carrying one of the handguns at the time of his arrest.

    McSween has been charged with impersonating an officer, brandishing a firearm, and driving on a suspended license.