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Contractor Killed by Falling Tree Near Naval Academy



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    A contractor died in the aftermath of Sandy in Annapolis, Md.

    He was killed when a tree fell on him on Homewood Road just outside the Naval Academy.

    He was part of a crew removing trees damaged by the storm. He was behind a home about 1 a.m. when the tree fell. He died at the scene.

    A falling also killed a Maryland man during the storm.

    Donald Cannata Sr., 73, was at his home in Pasadena when Sandy knocked a large tree into his house. The retired civil engineer lived alone with his cat and dog and had stepped into the kitchen just when the tree fell. His son, Donald Jr., said his father's death “shook me so to the core,” partly because they had talked about taking down the tree.

    “We talked about it so many times,” Cannata said. “I said, ‘Pop, the tree's getting pretty old.'”