13 Spots to View Cherry Blossoms — When You’re Trying to Avoid the Tidal Basin Crowds

When the cherry blossoms bloom, you can expect to face crowds of thousands who gather at the Tidal Basin each year to check them out. Maneuvering through traffic and trying to get a good view can be quite the challenge -- so we're sharing this list of 15 spots where the flowers are just as beautiful to look at... without quite as much of a crowd.

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Legendary Homes
Matt Chenet for Visit Alexandria
At <a href="http://www.alexandriafounderspark.org/" target=blank>Founder's Park in Alexandria</a>, you can take in fresh air, overlook the water and bask in cherry blossom galore.
Paul McClure, Flickr.com
The U.S National Arboretum is a beautiful sight to see year-round, but when it's surrounded by cherry blossoms it's even more alluring. (Photo by <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/paul-mcclure/" target=blank>Paul McClure, Flickr.com</a>, used with permission.)
Jeff Watts, courtesy of American University
Just off the Red Line, the campus of American University is filled with cherry blossoms each year. Not too many people think to visit local colleges to see cherry trees, so we're letting you in on an secret here.
Legendary Homes
The Kenwood area of Chevy Chase, Maryland, gets stunning each spring as the blossoms bloom.
Legendary Homes
The Foxhall Village area of D.C., just west of Georgetown, is home to many cherry blossoms in the spring. Quiet streets are graced with the beauties when the trees are fully bloomed.
Nearly 100 acres of a wide array of plants comprise <a href="https://www.novaparks.com/parks/meadowlark-botanical-gardens" target=blank>Meadowlark Botanical Gardens</a> in Fairfax Station, Virginia, but in the springtime, it becomes a haven of cherry blossoms for you to see.
Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
You might know Georgetown for its restaurants, bars and shops, but did you know the area is also popular for its cherry blossoms? Dumbarton Oaks is filled with cherry blossoms each year, you're sure to get great pictures while you're there.
Matt Chenet for Visit Alexandria
Just off the King Street Metro station, the George Washington Masonic Memorial is a great place to see cherry trees without the large D.C. crowd.
M Enriquez for Visit Alexandria
Old Town Alexandria is another great option to see cherry blossoms. Hop on a bike and explore on your own, or consider taking <a href="http://www.fetching-photos.com " target=blank>a Cherry Blossom Photo Tour</a>, during which you can learn local history highlights and photography tips.
L Barnes for Visit Alexandria
Potomac Riverboat Company offers <a href="https://www.potomacriverboatco.com/" target=blank>a Cherry Blossoms Monument Cruise</a> between Old Town Alexandria and the National Mall. The sightseeing cruise is narrated so you'll learn the history of iconic monuments and check out cherry blossoms along the way.
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<P>Another place to check them out is <a href="http://www.georgetowndc.com/explore/Play/montrose-park-r-st-nw-between-28th-and-32nd/" target=blank>Montrose Park in Georgetown</a>, near Dumbarton Oaks. The park is heaping with blossoms in the spring. <p>nYou also can see cherry blossoms in one of the largest recreation areas in D.C. -- see the beautiful flowers along the waterway in <a href="https://www.nps.gov/anac/index.htm" target=blank>Anacostia Park</a> in Southeast. <p>If Capitol Hill is closer to you, check out <a href="https://www.nps.gov/cahi/learn/historyculture/cahi_stanton.htm" target=blank>Stanton Park</a>, four acres surrounded by cherry trees. The park includes a play area and walkways, making it dog-friendly if you're a pet lover.
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