Do Your Resolutions Need a Bailout?

At least the financial and auto industries were given an opportunity to tank before getting a bailout. It seems Gold’s Gym doesn’t have that much faith in you and your New Year’s resolutions to live a healthier life in 2009.

Gold’s Gym is running a “Resolution Bailout” from January 1-4. Potential clients can get into the gym for free and ask staff for tips on goal setting.

Mike Ryan, an expert from Gold's Gym Fitness Institute, said, "The New Year is the time when people across the country set out to be healthier and more fit in the year ahead… Unfortunately nearly 75 percent of those resolutions won't be kept past Presidents Day.” But all is not doom and gloom. Ryan added that fitness goals can be achieved if they are more realistic from the get go.

So don’t think of it as a bailout. (Wait for President’s Day to see if you need one of those.) Think of it as a free way to help get your year started off right… healthier.

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