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Yankees-Marlins Fans Throw Punches, Make Kids Cry

Yankee fan makes some special memories for his little girl



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    Billy the Marlin's never where you need him to be.

    As much as technology has improved, it's still not easy to get good video of stadium brawls. The following video, via Deadspin, is one of the finer examples of the genre. It captures some fisticuffs between a Marlins fan and Yankees fan in the surprisingly full stands at Land Shark Stadium this weekend. 

    It appears to be your garden variety drunken brouhaha until the Yankee fan's daughter makes her appearance. Count her future therapist among those happy for the fine cinematography of this seminal moment in every girl's life.  

    When the little girl asks why he's fighting, does he say "Because I went to the Yankees game?" That's a thoroughly depressing answer.

    Happy Father's Day.

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