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White House Easter Bunny Fesses Up: I'm A Republican



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    President Obama and the Easter Bunny share a post-partisan moment.

    The giant Easter Bunny who led the Obama's first egg roll on the White House lawn has a confession: he's a big-time Republican.

    Jerry Helgeson, the man who plays "The Easter Bunny" at White House celebrations, donated $2,300 to Rudy Guiliani's last presidential campaign, USA Today and the Greeley Tribune of Coloradoreported.

    Helgeson's niece is the director of the White House Visitor's Office -- and when Obama won the election, Helgeson congratulated her with a note that read: "Maybe I can be the Easter Bunny sometime."

    Helgeson, the president of American Eagle Distributing, was told two weeks before Easter that he actually got the gig.

    "The bunny head was a little claustrophobic," he said. "You can't see out very well and can't breathe normally, and it was very hot." 

    Thirty-thousand families showed up on the South Lawn for the big day -- and Helgeson said he had to spend 12 hours in his steamy bunny suit entertaining the masses.

    At a towering 6-foot-5, Helgeson told the Tribune that at first he scared Sasha Obama, the president's youngest daughter. 

    “So she and I went into a room where the other kids couldn’t see, and I took off the bunny head and showed her the Easter Bunny was Ellie’s uncle,” Helgeson said.    

    Helgeson has gotten face -- uh, fur -- time with the President as the Easter Bunny, too, he said.

    Obama tried to speak into a microphone at the First Family's Easter celebrations, but when it didn't work, he leaned toward Helgeson and whispered: "Jerry, have you got a mike in there that works?"

    Despite the Easter Bunny's political affiliation, there was no "Joe The Plumber" moment -- Helgeson didn't spend Easter Sunday debating economic policies with the Democratic president. In fact, Helgeson said he wouldn't rule out voting for Obama in the future.

    “I still don’t agree with some of his ideas," Helgeson said. “But he sure has a nice family.”

    Even the Easter Bunny knows that all your eggs can't go in one basket.