The Next “Citizen Kane”?

We wish we could pinpoint the moment this descended into insanity

The greatest work of art to ever be committed to film is being made accessible to the masses via the silver screen.

That's right, the TV show "American Gladiators" is being adapted into a film!

Johnny Ferraro, the show's creator, said that "American Gladiators" was originally conceived as a film but "took a detour and became a TV phenomenon." Yep, phenomenom. That's totally what we would call it.

Former Legendary Pictures chief marketing officer Scott Mendick, whose producing credits include "300" and "Superman Returns," is producing  the film version of "American Gladiators."

"I look forward to creating a compelling story that launches a whole new set of characters," he told Variety. 

We wish him luck with that (huh huh).

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