Scoop: Blagojevich Guards His Hairdo on “The View”

Should this come as a surprise? Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s carefully coiffed hair went untouched by “The View” staff before he took to the stage for his live appearance Jan. 26.

“No, he did not use ‘View’ hair and makeup,” a source close to Blago’s appearance confirmed.

In fact, the only person to get near Blago’s bangs was Joy Behar, who gave his famous moptop a tousling — one that came as a total surprise to Blagojevich and ‘View’ staffers.

“That was all Joy doing that all on her own,” says the source.

By all behind-the-scenes accounts, Blagojevich was a low-maintenance guest, but that could be because he had so many people with him. “There were at least 6 or 7 people there, security, assistants, what have you,” says the source. That’s more handlers than even Jennifer Lopez had for her inaugural appearances.

The “View” interview, which was part of a morning-show blitz the day of his Chicago impeachment hearings, also doubled as a Fox interview. Geraldo Rivera was supposed to interview Blagojevich on the same afternoon as his "View" appearance. But Blagojevich’s publicist Glenn Selig “sabotaged my interview,” according to Rivera, “and rather than allow us to be victimized, we pursued him.”

Pursue indeed. Rivera chased Blagojevich down in the “View” parking lot and got an interview with the governor, who confirmed that Oprah Winfrey was a serious front-runner for the senate seat, and not just a “cheap headline.”

Will Aniston steal Brangelina’s Oscar thunder?
Trite as it might be, having Jennifer Aniston on the same red carpet and under the same roof as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie the night of the Oscars would be good for ratings.

That’s probably why Aniston’s name is surfacing as a possible Oscar presenter for the Feb. 22 ceremony. The presenters are being kept under wraps for now, but even just having Pitt's ex-wife on the red carpet might give ratings a boost. It's customary for actors currently promoting films to make a red-carpet appearance at the show anyway. Aniston’s next film, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” opens Feb. 6.

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When asked whether “American Idol” is better off now that the show’s added songwriter Kara DioGuardi to the judges' ranks, Paula Abdul played coy.

“That’s up to the public,” she told Us Magazine at the SAG awards in L.A. Jan. 25.

Abdul did say that the addition has been great for her personally. “It’s great for me because she’s my old roommate and we’re friends," she told Us. "And that bugs Simon, so it’s good for me.”


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